Saturday, August 02, 2014

Freedom of Speech??

First attempt at venting... So, if you are part of a local forum about the area you live in, why is it not acceptable to write the good and the bad??  Surely the point of a forum is because you are opening peoples eyes to things and just giving your opinion about say a restaurant, a beauty salon.  I don't think anyones one comment could insight a business to go out of business, if it did they should work in politics or something!  Personally when I read the info on our local forum page, I like to hear of peoples experiences good or bad, it doesn't mean I will take it as written in stone, I may still go watch that film, sample the pastries or get my nails done there, but at least I will have had someone else's experience to listen to too!  Chillax people.  We all live in the same community, use it as it as its meant to be and waste less time bitching about stuff!  Phew, vent over, felt good thanks! ;)

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  1. Closed minds are everywhere, and I discovered this before being accused in UAE Social Media of being an Islamist and Terrorist for my support of subjugated citizens!