Thursday, January 23, 2014


So I'm at the IKEA play centre with 3 small kids, only 2 can go in, 1 in a trolley but wanting to get out and I have to fill in an application form that is not dissimilar to a visa application for the 2 to enter.  They are desperate to go in and trying to scale the door, little one is trying to climb out the trolley and they are getting me to fill in this form, twice!  Eventually they go in and everyone is safe and well.  I come back to collect them with a full trolley, 1 child in seat and 2 now climbing out of the centre holding socks and shoes to be put on.  The exit is right by the lift so I am concerned that they are going to get in whilst trying to put shoes and socks on one of them, and avoid people trying to get in the lift and ensure that the little one stays put!  What does the Filipino lady ask.  Sign here Mam! Twice!  Patience is a virtue I hear!

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  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I know! My kids were running around and trying to go up the escalator they got so bored. Cant they just let them in so they are safe whilst you fill out your life history??