Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dear Evil 40 year old

Dear 40 year old woman (I say 40 but the ugliness I witnessed was well over 100)
On a busy train station when you see a woman with a walking stick ( she is severely sight impaired) and her daughter telling her to look out for stairs, then you should not shout at her when she bumps into you. And even when she politely says sorry you mutter something to your 4 year old daughter about not wasting your time with incompetence!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tight Fisted

I have to laugh, before I knock someones head off, when they spend time bartering with you over a kids toy that was already so cheap and want to knock it down further from 25 dhs to 15 dhs and then turn up with a 500 note!  Skint are we?  Now go get back in you BMW and find another bargain Scrooge!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams et al

Not really a vent I guess, but I still want to get it off my chest so here goes.  Why is it that people only find out how much they are worth or how much they mean to people after they die?  Why can't people be nicer and tell each other, genuinely, how much they mean to each other.  Having read all the out-pouring with regards to Robin Williams today on his tragic suicide, I wonder if he truly knew how much he had touched people.  There have been the most amazing and beautiful tributes to him, I wish he could read them, but they're a day too late.  I think we should all value each other more, don't wait for it to be too late, be nice to one another today, let people know what they mean to you, don't hold back or be shy, make someone realise their worth.  Thats it, vent over.  RIP Robin Williams, thanks for all the laughs you gave us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Is it so difficult to pleasantly acknowledge that a driver has stopped for you or let you pass?  Its a simple flash of the lights or tiny hand wave.  So simple, yet some Lords and Ladies of the Roads seem to think it is beneath them to give a slight thank you.  Really?  Its not I assure you.  Politeness is or should be classless! Do it.

Dog Owners

People that for some reason think that their duty to tidy up after their dog, ends once they have collected the poop in a bag.  Said bag is then left in a bush or beside something.  I would actually rather it be left outside the bag so that it could bio-degrade into the ground than be sat in a bag?  But obviously I would rather bag was placed in an appropriate bin to be honest.  A dog and all that goes with it, is the dog owners responsibility.  Yours and yours alone. Clear up the poop proper!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Gift Lists Are Awesome

I just wish my husband's family would buy gifts that we like or want to actually use for my one year old. I don't like most of the clothes he receives - hate those cutesy slogans like "I am the boss around here." I like board books for him, not cheap plastic toys that fall apart and are made in some unknown company in China. (Not everything has to be USA made, because a lot of good toy companies have high standard requirements for their factories in China). I have an Amazon wish list for him, like silicone placemats for feeding on the go, board books, sippy cups etc. I don't even buy hardly any toys for him because everything is interesting to him. If I do get a toy, I don't get cheap plastic toys that light up or make noise. I believe in good old blocks or Green Toys brands for cars. I just feel like it is a waste of my time to write and send thank you cards for gifts that were obviously not bought with much care or thought. My MIL never buys toys that are good quality! Please don't get my baby anything if you just want to but the cheapest thing! I know I sound selfish, but they aren't hard up. They just have the worst taste in toys, and I can't throw them away because my husband would not allow it, and they expect to see it when they visit. Ugh. Also all the family members know we don't need any more clothes. I have boxes of hand me downs and I don't need clothes! I don't like the clothes you send us because they are fluorescent colored and are made of cheap scratchy material! I have no problem going thrift store shopping for clothes I like for him or buy stuff on sale. I am not a diva princess, but I get annoyed when people don't ask what our practical needs are for raising a baby! And doubly annoying is she expects a lot of gratitude for the gifts. I always say thank you and send a card.

Order More!

I was at Waitrose (motor city) the other day in the milk aisle, you have dozens of different types of long life milk, mainly almarai brand, then you have your rice, almond, milk and then 15 different brands of soy milk.
In all this sea of milk cartons, there is ONE latco-free milk by almarai. One!
And it's always out of stock. I went to 3 different Spinney's that day and it was everywhere out of stock. Now, Almarai is a local GCC company so there's no long distance importation that makes me believe they have issues with delivery.
Why is this Lacto-free milk always out of stock?? Why can't you Waitrose/Spinney's people order more.

Marketing 101: If you see that a product flies off the shelf, it means it's in demand. Order some more!

But what bothers me the most is the actual customers. In 3 occasions over the last few months I have been in this situation and every time I call for a supervisor and tell them the Lacto-free situation, and I then get approached by other buyers telling me they don't find it either. Yet I don't see no one speaking to the supervisor.

For as long as people are passive and keep walking away and no one (but me) tells them they need to get more milk, they won't realise it. I am saying this because obviously they have no clue on how to do their stockcount job or they would realise that the product is getting sold out immediately.

The milk is one example. I have encountered the same time of problem in many restaurants too. There's a couple near my house that they never have specific dishes, because "they've run out" Every single day of the week. No matter if it's a Friday or Monday, you try order lamb chops or kebab...sold out. Seriously??? It's 5 months I'm trying to order lamb chops from this place near me and always get the "Sorry, it's finished" answer.

So why aren't you ordering more I ask. That should be common sense. The more you order of a product that is in demand, the more you sell, the more money you make. Is that simple!!

And to all consumers in Dubai, I would ask to please keep on bringing things to the attention of the management, when a product keeps being sold out. They obviously need our feedback seeing they can't figure it out by themselves!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Hello? Anyone there?

When you miss a call on your mobile and literally call it straight back and no one answers.  Whats that about?  Did they self combust?

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Private Parts

Little kids often need a loo, and normally at the most inconvenient time, despite you nagging them before they leave to 'try'.  I get this, I get that when you are in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere theres not much you can do but let them go.  What I don't get is people being so blatantly obvious about it.  Take your child behind a bush or something and I specifically meant when doing the common known, 'no 2'  sorry no polite way of putting that.  Today I was out walking my dog when I saw a child with his parent squatting in the middle of an open field, that had enough leafy groves to have had privacy.  Please people.  Just have some respect.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Freedom of Speech??

First attempt at venting... So, if you are part of a local forum about the area you live in, why is it not acceptable to write the good and the bad??  Surely the point of a forum is because you are opening peoples eyes to things and just giving your opinion about say a restaurant, a beauty salon.  I don't think anyones one comment could insight a business to go out of business, if it did they should work in politics or something!  Personally when I read the info on our local forum page, I like to hear of peoples experiences good or bad, it doesn't mean I will take it as written in stone, I may still go watch that film, sample the pastries or get my nails done there, but at least I will have had someone else's experience to listen to too!  Chillax people.  We all live in the same community, use it as it as its meant to be and waste less time bitching about stuff!  Phew, vent over, felt good thanks! ;)