Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Buzz off

Why are flies so thick?  They manage to find their way into your house and then bang themselves repeatedly against an open window to try and get out, or just buzz around your head.  Is there any point to them other than annoy me??

Customer Service?

Just wanted to call attention to the horrible incident I've just had in Laura Ashley. My 4yo and I ran in for a quick browse which ended in a large wall clock falling off the wall onto her head. My first reaction was clearly to comfort my shocked sobbing daughter but in the background all I could hear from the shop assistant was "I'm going to need the dustpan and brush", no offer to take us somewhere a little quieter while I calmed her down and god forbid a little compassion to even bother asking if my daughter was ok. When I had calmed my daughter down I turn and asked if they have anything to say about it and the response I got was some sort of accusation that my 4yo had somehow managed to knock the clock off the wall - despite it being about 5ft above her - then a comment that they drop weights in the gym above and it could have been that, followed with "well I can't give you anything for it". An apology would have been a nice! Sorry, just had to share this!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Smart Phones

Whats wrong with smart phones??  Why do we have all the bad press about how we are glued to them?  OK so on the tube everyday people are staring into their small screen, but lets face it we weren't exactly chatting to our neighbours before the smart phone came along.  In fact, if you dared to talk to the person next to you to ask if they'd finished reading the free paper next to them they looked at you as if you'd just said you like to bite the heads of squirrels.  Plus, before this we were reading oversized newspapers, killing the environment and leaving black fingerprints everywhere.  Personally I sit there updating myself on life as I don't get a look in at the news at home.  I can't vouch for what anyone else is looking at but I've yet to see someone googling sites for biting heads of squirrels.  They seem quite harmless to me.  I can also let people know that I'm running late rather than just turning up late.  I can call them when I get lost, which would invariably make me late and I can use the little map app to help me find my way.  So many people bang on about how bad they are for us, but I bet if they'd been around 'in their day' they too would find them to be the most invaluable piece of technology.  Go read 'Who moved my cheese' people, I'm sure theres an app for that ;)

Singers or Porn Stars?

Why do female singing stars these days feel the need to act like porn starts and strippers?  I find it sad that apparently talent alone won't get people anywhere these days and one has to become more risqué by the second to sell a record.  Never remember seeing Barbara Streisand writhing around in a thong licking a banana to sell records?  Its really quite sad that this seems to be nearly all singing talent these days, surely they get paid enough to wear more than underwear despite illegal downloads??

Environmentally Challenged

People is it so difficult to take home your litter?  I mean it really is that simple.  If each of us cleared up after ourselves it would be done.  Its just so inconsiderate and I simply can't understand how anyone thinks its ok to just leave stuff or chuck it our a car window.  Would hate to see the inside of your houses, or do you just save that treat for the rest of us?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Match Fixing

So we've just come back from a lovely family weekend to a hotel, with a brilliant little kids club for the wee ones.  Loads of activities for them and many competitions.  Kids were great, but whats with competitive parents??  Don't get me wrong, I actually like a bit of competition and don't get me started on this new idea of non competitive sports days, but I'm talking competitive crab racing and crab fixing.  I am not lying when I say one couple actually went up to the organisers and offered them a monetary bribe to let their kids win!!  What the?  What are they gonna do, steroid the crab up quick??  I was in shock!  Luckily so were the organisers who were having none of it, but really, what principles are we teaching the kids?  People moan about young kids of today, well may look to the parents!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Anyone else find it really eerie that you look at something on one website, for example shoes and then you instantly get emails or pop ups regarding shoes.  Is big brother really watching us, freaks me out.

Last Call...

My gripe is with people who go missing at airports once they have checked in?? How??  You've clearly gone to an airport with a ticket because you've checked in, then the flight has been called and you've disappeared??  Is the airport so great that you forgot why you were they?  There are final calls and even your personal final call, where the beep are you??  Sometimes when Im having a bad day I think of these ignorant imbeciles that delay flights and wonder if they are still wandering around an airport and laugh, but not when I'm a passenger awaiting them...


People moan about muslim women covering up in their country i.e. France, yet when Dubai puts up signs about please cover up as a sign of respect there is outrage from expats?!  Surely there should be one rule for all, respect the country you live in and respect yourself?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Homeopathy Tripe

Don't get me started on homeopathy, too late I'm started!  What the??  Please, someone who believes in it, please tell me if you actually do believe that water has a 'memory'?  That literally a drop in an ocean thats then bottled for a billion dollar company really does cure your ails??  Have you actually looked into it or do you simply see it as a bottle with a healthy non chemical remedy and buy it.  You are drinking water, banged in a 'special' way!  Its an expensive placebo if you like and whilst thats great if it makes you feel better, its also highly dangerous if you think its actually going to cure you!  I could go on and on but I feel better just getting it off my chest, there this website has made me feel better and thats with no chemicals too.