Wednesday, April 16, 2014


When you are vacuuming and the hoover lead gets stuck near the source and you go back and un hook it and carry on only for it to get caught again, by nothing.  Grrrr that!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Acts of Kindness

Seems to me that a large percentage of society have become jaded, blind to the fact that one small act of kindness can be a big moment in another persons life. Maybe people just fear the repercussions an act of kindness can cause, or some people might just be too self centered to lend a helping hand. Whatever the reason, I have a tidbit to share. Back when my son was a teenager he was away from the house and ran into a potentially dangerous situation, mind you I wasn't anywhere near his location so I couldn't help him. His car was broke down and he was approached by some shady characters. At that moment another person stopped, sensing a bad situation, and dissolved the situation. Turns out the cops were looking for these "shady characters" because they would target people who were in trouble... they had sent people to the hospital! I don't know who the good Samaritan was, but I'm sure glad he showed up!!! REMEMBER this, an act of kindness is greatly appreciated by someone who cares!!!

Dogs on leads

I love dogs, but I am getting sick of people letting their dogs off their leads in my community, especially when being walked by maids and not properly under control anyway, and letting that dog run up to me, my toddler and my dog on a LEAD and start nipping at us!  Its just not on!  I understand that it would be nice to have more open spaces to allow our dogs to run off their leads but even then they should be dogs of the right temperament and with a competent owner!  Simple, keep your dogs on the lead.  Its not fair on anyone!  Oh and whilst I'm venting, why do so many maids have to walk a family pet, why did you get one if you don't have time for it and just to let you know, most of the maids gather in the park and either let the dogs sit with them or let them off...

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Mr Roadrage

When someone pulls out wrongly and they stare at you as if to say 'What?'.  They know what!  How about mouth a little sorry so I don't think you are quite such an idiot?!

Why is it so difficult to get petrol here?

Why is it so difficult to get petrol here? You would think with pump attendants and the fact you don't have to get out of the car it would be easier right? No.

What is it with having to pull up on the "right side" of the pump? The majority of cars have filler caps on the left so we end up sitting like idiots in queues 10-20 cars long while the other pumps sit empty. Pull up on the wrong side and you get shouted at. Hilarious. Why do they think these pumps have such long hoses? Of course they bloody reach!! Yes, it would halve the waiting times and the queues! Must be their little joke huh?

Last night it took me 20 minutes to get petrol. Ridiculous.

Even better than normal, one of the 2 pumps on the "right side" wasn't working so they could only do one car at a time. I suggested pulling the hose round from the "wrong side" that nobody was pulling up at for the one that wasn't working and got a blank stare. I wish it was easier to walk round here!! Grrrrr......

Teenage Phone Drama

Why is it my teenage daughter can only communicate through text or whilst texting she always has her phone in her hand it never stops but when she is out and i try to contact her she never reply's giving the reason that she didn't hear her phone.aaarrrrgggghhh

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Slow Down!!

To the speeding a$$hole who just ran down our cat in our community and didnt even stop....

I am speechless. you hit him fast, he did not run out under your wheel, he was sitting on the road waiting for us to return as he does. 

We have your reg number and it has been reported to the police

Ask yourself. what if it had have been a child.

Can we all as communities please do something about these speeding drivers. report them. knock on their doors. don't let them think this is a bloody race track.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Patience and Calmness...

So my morning starting with my hubby and I planning our Thursday evening, which ended in him saying that he had had a hard week and wanted to relax at home. I was more than happy with that cause it had been a bit of a week for us both. But I said to him, please don't plan a braai (BBQ), if halfway through the day your mates called you up (which happens rather regularly) 
So by 10 am I get a call.... Love, we haven't seen so and so since our return from holiday and I feel bad, can I invite him over for a drink or two..... NOOOO!! Please don't....Ok love. 
I walk into an afternoon meeting and see three missed calls on my mobile and 4 text messages, must be an emergency right?! 
Call back only to find out that there are now a sum total of 8 people coming over, not for drinks, but a full BBQ! 10 people! Who I now need to cater for! 

Im so hopping mad at the moment, all I wanted was a quiet family evening and now I was getting madness cause its not like any of them can drink in moderation! Or, God Forbid, clean up after themselves! 

So here is me starting my weekend out like a raging buffalo! This should be fun!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Driving and Texting Idiots

Driving behind a guy this morning in our community who was clearly texting and driving and driving particularly slowly, infact nearly stopping.  I gently beeped once just to let him know I was behind him.  He sped up fractionally for all of 3 seconds and went back to texting and driving at snails pace so I beeped again and he starts throwing his arms out the window at me, with the hand not texting so Lord knows what was on the steering wheel.  Why do people think they are the only ones on the road, and how many incidents do their have to be before people realise that if its that life threatening to text at that exact moment, pull over!!

Mobile Tagging Device

Mobile phones, the most annoying thing ever invented? I do understand that they are useful, however... When you just had a landline, people rang you work starting hours, up until a reasonable time in the evening. I'm eating dinner, a mate calls, Mum asks them to call back in a bit. If you called after nine in the evening, someone had better be dead. No-one rang you at two in the morning. No-one rang you, then rang you, then rang you, with a minute between calls. They'd try, no answer, try again in an hour. No-one bitched at you for not answering. I occasionally have to remind people that I bath, poop etc (usually separately,) and don't want to answer at those times. It seems that you can't be allowed to not have one either. I've tried, I got more grief than ever. Anyway thanks for listening, goodnight. (My phone is off!)
Captain Saddock