Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bend Over Backwards?

My brother is married with kids, yet my parents still end over backwards to please him. Sometimes at the detriment of their own and my own business.
Everytime I mention to them that he should be now have learnt to stand on his own feet they don't see it. We row so much over it that I've stopped going around to visit because I have had enough of seeing everyone work their ass off to help him. Is there some sort of thing I'm missing here or Is it just because he's the oldest and the favourite?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

To tint or not to tint, that clearly was the question

Ok, so I have been told that I need two pairs of glasses one for driving and one for reading.  Before I needed them for reading, tv and driving at night but obviously 3 years later and eyes are deteriorating.  So I pick out two frames and order two sets of lenses.  However, because driving in Dubai is obviously always in sunlight I chose to get them tinted, as they specified I must wear them for driving.  When I go to collect the two pairs the reading pair are fine, though literally limited to reading and blurry when looking away from a page.  The long distance don't seem to be any different from my normal eyes so we check and recheck and they tell me +1 and -1 scenarios and really it makes no sense at all because these glasses still seem like they are just tinted glasses and not lenses.  Then I query the reading glasses because whilst they are excellent when holding a book in front of my eyes, when I look up everything is blurred so how will I see the tv?  With the driving glasses they reply.  What?  The long distance ones are for driving AND tv?  Yes Mam.  Well for one I still think they are just tinted glass and for two why the beep would I have ordered tinted glasses for sitting in my lounge watching tv??  Sorry Mam, you must have misunderstood.  Well if I did misunderstand did not one of you think to say that the tinted driving glasses would also be the ones that I sit in my lounge watching tv of an evening? Or the cinema? Or theatre??  Numpties!!!

Bad Behaviour

.....Speechless about the behaviour of some kids at our pool - not returning a toy belonging to another little kids - a very calm dad asked friendly several times to get the toy back .....the naughty boy shoot the dad who asked with a water pistol! - unbelievable what some kids are like .... and yes this boy was with a nanny, older sister or young mum but they were too busy on their iPad to be paying attention the the boy in their care!!
grrrrrr vent over !!!!

Sorry Currently Unavailable

When you complete an online form just to start collecting their points and have to add every detail and date and it takes you forever and you press enter and 'We are currently encountering a technical problem please try later' THAT!!!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Lazy Moms

Saw a nanny in the mall pushing a push chair with a baby in it, carrying three heavy looking shopping bags, a huge nappy bag and a toddler with the eldest child holding on to her all while the mother sauntered ahead!!!!! Who the hell does this woman think she is ( the mother) unbelievable, they'll be asking nannies to have the babies for them next! Stop having children you lazy, miserable excuse for a human being!

Float your boat?

So I've been invited on this glamorous boat party by an equally glamorous host.  Accepted the invite, invited my plus one and was then asked to cough up 1,000 dhs each at the last minute to include hire and some food!  Look, you invite people (especially when you drive a Ferrari) to a boat party, you say up front if its a pay as you go party of whether an invite is actually an invite!  1,000 dhs! What the?!  Needless to say I have since declined.  Wrong right?!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Council Tax

I get totally hacked off when the local council send you out reminders for your council tax even though you have already paid it. Then the reminder tells you that your payment should be made at the beginning of the month or you will lose the right to pay monthly and the out standing amount will become payable. In my mind as long as the payment is made during the month it's due, there should be no problem.

Tea Time Rush

Why do men and children always need the loo just before dinner?  Does it set something off in their head that mums just put food on the table and this is the perfect time to visit the toilet so as to ensure the food is tepid by the time they get to the table?  Why do I bother, should just stick to salad.

LIKE, I dislike!

What is with these stupid posts on Facebook where you are asked to LIKE something to help someone with cancer etc?  I don't get it?  Its not like every LIKE is a donation.  Does it just make people feel that they have helped in someway?  Do you really think there is a surgeon ready to operate  if only the pic could make 1 million LIKEs?  Sharing can help spread the word about an issue, but it still doesn't mean anything is getting done about it, other than more people are looking at their screens going 'Oh the poor things, I must share' so that other people will do the same....  Are you deluded?  Want to help, dig into your pockets, and bring out the cash or credit card or write and get involved.  Hitting enter on the LIKE button will do nothing but make you strange people feel like you have done some good that day?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Glass v China

Why coffee in glasses not cups??  What is that?  Especially when you have to wrap a tissue around it?  Why not just put it in a plain, good old-fashioned mug and be done with it.  Not a poncy tall glass.  I don't need to see what it looks like, I just want to drink it, without scalding myself.